Who we are?

Group Casier, a team of enthusiastic risk professionals advising companies in the management of their risks and insurances for more than 125 years.
Everything we do at Group Casier starts with the same question: what are the concerns of the entrepreneur, what is keeping him or her awake?
In other words, we make every effort to give the entrepreneur peace of mind.

Together with our client, we identify the potential risks, estimate their impact and discuss the appropriate measures. These measures may include eliminating these risks, finding a less risky alternative, protecting the risk or ultimately transferring the risk to, for example, insurance.
This makes that insurance is not always a necessary choice. The focus is never on product sales, but on risk management.


In-house developed tools offer our client-entrepreneurs a clear view of their risks and the decisions taken.  


We distinguish ourselves by a thorough transparent and no-nonsense approach, delivering comfort and added value.

Group Casier wants to further distinguish itself by taking the lead in innovative activities, thinking along with entrepreneurs and offering reflection and answers to those who embark on change or take new paths.


Driven by passion for our profession, we strive for strong connection with our clients and their activity.

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